~ April 2016 ~

Welcome from the Executive Director

The countdown is on! In just a few short weeks, IDESG finally will unveil the Self-Assessment Listing Service (SALS) at our 17th Plenary, to be held June 8-9 in New Orleans, LA. And what better way is there to debut IDESG’s game-changing innovation than during one of the year’s biggest industry events, where identity experts gather to trade insights on cutting-edge security trends, challenges and solutions?

We’ve strategically timed and co-located this critical moment for IDESG with the 2016 Cloud Identity Summit (CIS). In light of the ever-expanding digital services that get us through our daily lives, this year’s CIS discussions will tackle the heightened urgency to incorporate application and network security needs into these services’ digital identity application and standards design.

The IDESG program will run parallel to the larger CIS program, allowing our members to benefit from the rich content and generous exhibit opportunities. We’ve also negotiated a special rate for IDESG members to attend the full conference. CIS is IDESG’s chance to put the SALS front and center and expose a whole range of new companies to the IDESG and our work. I look forward to celebrating our hard work and this momentous step forward, together, in New Orleans. Until then, laissez les bons temps rouler!

~ Marc-Anthony Signorino, IDESG Executive Director


Comings and Goings

Election season is a good time to say thank you to the dedicated individuals whose terms have now ended. This includes Plenary Chair Kimberly Little Sutherland, Management Council Vice Chair and At-Large Delegate Ian Glazer, Plenary Vice Chair Andrew Hughes and Privacy & Civil Liberties Stakeholder Delegate Adrian Gropper, MD. The IDESG leadership and its members would like to thank these individuals for the countless hours they’ve spent in helping to launch the framework and build the SALS, due for release next month. At the same time, we are gaining a new group of identity experts that will help guide the organization beyond the SALS launch. They include At-Large Delegate Mary Ellen Condon, Privacy and Civil Liberties Stakeholder Delegate Denise Tayloe and R&D, Education and Innovation Delegate Jack Seuss. Please join us in welcoming our new board members.


From the FMO

In the month of April, IDESG's Framework Management Office continued to support key operations of the organization's volunteer committees. Their work includes:

  • Providing support to the SALS program director, Carl Mattocks. Carl is marshaling the SALS build-out by coordinating with a Board "ATO" committee, chaired by Mary Hodder, of IT vendors and several key UX resources and volunteers.

  • Reviewing and revising the SALS policy documents and customer-facing materials, based on feedback from the TFTM committee, outside counsel and the Board, along with iterative improvement cycles from the UX testing.

  • Offering edits and other support to the group's Joint Committee revising the IDEF Functional Model/ Glossary.

  • Reviewing the proposed standards for inclusion in the IDESG Standards Registry, when requested by the Standards Committee in the absence of volunteer reviewers. You'll be pleased to see a larger number of standards nominations coming to the plenary for final approval soon, but the committee encourages your nominations/suggestions for additional identity standards to be included.


From the NSTIC NPO

In an effort to fill more specific gaps in the marketplace, we’re again looking to expand the NSTIC pilots family. We recently announced our second solicitation for pilot funding of 2016, which focuses on streamlining the way that patients and providers access health information from different organizations online.

We’re seeking a project that will demonstrate how deployment of federated identity credentials improves access to online health information. Using the same credential across multiple healthcare providers can make life easier for users by simplifying and speeding up sign-in processes. For providers, making strides in the efficiency of medical record access means time and money saved – and, if done right, better outcomes for security and privacy. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, June 1, 2016. You can learn more about the opportunity on the NSTIC Notes blog. We look forward to reviewing applications for the new pilot!

Upcoming Events

IDESG Executive Director will speak at the Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit, to be held May 17-18 in McLean, VA. He’ll discuss how it is critically important, and never too early, to incorporate identity protection and security solutions into IoT devices. Discover more information on his session here.

IDESG’s 17th Plenary, co-located at the Cloud Identity Summit, will be held June 8-9 in New Orleans, LA. Stay tuned for more information.

Those attending the Cloud Identity Summit are invited to attend a three-hour IDESG workshop on the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF and the launch of the Self-Assessment Listing Service (SALS) Registry on Monday, June 6. See more information on this year’s CIS here.

Recent Events

IDESG Executive Director Marc-Anthony Signorino spoke (virtually) at the Internet of Things: IoT Slam 2016, on April 28. His session highlighted how connected devices significantly expand the spread of identity data information and further complicate efforts to protect it. View more information on his session here.

IDESG President Sal D’Agostino spoke at the Connected Security Expo (CSE), held April 6-8 in Las Vegas, NV. His session, titled Privacy, Usability, Security and Interoperability the Rules of the Connected Road, examined the evolving set of requirements to conduct global e-commerce. Find more information on the conference here.

IDESG Privacy Coordination Committee Chairperson Jenn Behrens and IDESG Management Council Vice Chair Ian Glazer both spoke at the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit, held April 3-4 in Washington, DC. View additional information on Glazer’s discussion ‘The Maze of Online Retail: Privacy, Security, Notice and Consent’ here.

Behrens, who sits on the IAPP Women Leading Privacy Advisory Board, also led ‘Women Leading Privacy on the Little Big Stage’, a discussion on confidence and women in leadership positions.

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