~ March 2015 ~

Welcome from the Executive Director

As the IDESG's first full-time Executive Director, I'm looking forward to the great strides the IDESG will make in shaping the Identity Ecosystem. Right now, there's a crisis of confidence over the methods we use to identify ourselves online, how we access our favorite online websites and work tools, and how others track and gather information about us. The IDESG's mission is to encourage the creation of more secure, privacy-enhancing ways for Americans to assert our identity as we work, learn and play online. The IDESG was founded on the NSTIC guiding principles; our members are using them as a guiding light, working hard to ensure we're not only addressing existing concerns with privacy, security and identity, but also contemplating the very cutting-edge future of identity. We're here not only to know and understand the trends, but get ahead of them. With your help, we can create an Identity Ecosystem that reflects not only the very best of the current state of the art in identity, but shapes the future of identity for years to come. Welcome to the IDESG.


Marc-Anthony Signorino, IDESG Executive Director


Chairperson's Corner

By Kimberly Little Sutherland, Plenary Chair


March was a big month for IDESG and the future of an NSTIC-aligned Identity Ecosystem. On March 16th we met our deadline for completing the first phase of baseline requirements for the Identity Ecosystem Framework. This major accomplishment was only possible due to the hard work of our dedicated committee members and the support of the Framework Management Office. Due to their efforts, we are now able to focus on our next critical goal - finalizing the draft Identity Ecosystem Framework. I look forward to working with the committees and the Plenary to help realize this goal this summer.


Member spotlight: Jennifer Behrens, ID.me

Jennifer Behrens, the Director of Privacy and Compliance at ID.me, is currently serving as the Chair of the IDESG's Privacy Coordinating Committee. Initially, her involvement with the IDESG began through her work from an NSTIC pilot. Centered in passion and a genuine enjoyment of public policy and privacy, Jenn has made the two the core of her professional and academic careers.


When asked about the core strength of the IDESG, she explained, "It's the user and relying party engagement, buy-in, and eventual adoption of the solution and services that propels the group to complete our mission. Because of the richness and leadership demonstrated in the group, we can really testify and say 'this is good work.'"


Before emerging into the privacy field, Jennifer worked in public policy and administration under the Human Services umbrella. Enjoying the governance structures within different agencies, she realized how closely integrated the two were and transitioned to work solely in privacy. This enables her to continue her public service efforts as the government continues to work with public through various programs and pilots.


Jenn earned her Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. In her spare time, enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her two daughters, ages five and eight.


Around the Ecosystem

  • Mike Garcia of the NSTIC NPO participated in a panel at a GSMA Mobile World Congress seminar session on March 3rd in Barcelona, Spain. The panel, "Restoring trust in online services by implementing identity solutions that offer convenience and privacy for end users and enterprises," addressed the main issues faced around authentication and identification-and covered how operators can help address these issues. The panel also focused on the importance of user privacy for service providers, and what service providers can expect from operators. Read more here.
  • During the connect:ID 2015 in D.C. conference, several IDESG members spoke throughout the three-day event on various topics surrounding identity. Highlights included the following presentations:
    • Proof of identity: New approaches to delivering government and commercial services online. Speakers included:
      • A 3D approach to minimizing your identity risks: Using data, documents and devices to maximize security. Kimberly Little Sutherland Senior Director of Identity Management, LexisNexis Risk Solution
      • The future of federation: Securing identity for government services. Stu Vaeth SVP Business Development, SecureKey Technologies
      • Enabling the web economy through trusted identities. Mark DiFraia Senior Director, Solutions Strategy, MorphoTrust
      • Identity as a Service - Trusted, interoperable, user-centric. Dave Coxe, CEO, ID Dataweb,
    • Using technology to improve security and ease-of-use for customers. Beth Gallagher Dumke, Vice President, Innovation, Payment Services, U.S. Bank
    • An ID connected life. Kolin Whitley, Director, Experian
    • Expert Discussion - The why behind complex privacy controls. Michael Garcia, Deputy Director, National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce served as a panelist.


If you would like to share your presentations with IDESG members, please send them to maryalice@IDecosystem.org, and we will include links to them in the April newsletter.


From the FMO

Congratulations to the committees who completed their initial Identity Ecosystem Framework Baseline Functional Requirements before the March 16th submittal date. The groups are the Privacy Coordination Committee, Security Committee, Standards Coordination Committee, and the User Experience Committee. Thank you for all of your hard work.


2015 Elections

The 2015 elections are still underway, but the results from rounds one and two are official.


Round One

  • Plenary Chair - Kim Little Sutherland
  • Plenary Vice Chair - Andrew Hughes
  • Management Council At Large Delegates - Ian Glazer and Mark DiFraia


Round Two: Stakeholder Delegate Elections

  • Privacy & Civil Liberties - Adrian Gropper
  • Usability & Human Factors - Mary Hodder
  • Consumer Advocates - Jim Barnett
  • US Federal Government - Mike Garcia
  • US State/Local/Tribal Government - Dave Burhop
  • Research, Development, Education & Innovation - Jack Suess
  • Identity & Attribute Providers - Adam Madlin
  • Interoperability - Colin Wallis
  • Information Technology Infrastructure - Tie: Paul Laurent & Patrick Howard
  • Regulated Industries - Mark Coderre
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurs - Sal D'Agostino
  • Security - Neville Pattinson
  • Relying Parties - Matt Thompson
  • Unaffiliated Individuals - Ray Kimball


Ballots for the Information Technology & Infrastructure Stakeholder Group runoff election will go out on March 30, 2015 at 8:00 am ET, and the balloting will close on April 3, 2015 at 8:00 pm ET.


To see the full schedule or vote, visit the IDESG website.


Upcoming Events

  • April 15 - NSTIC celebrates its 4th Anniversary
  • April 16 - 13th Plenary Session (Virtual)
    Save the date - Thursday, April 16th from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. EST the IDESG will host the 13th plenary via virtual platform.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements



If you would like to share your presentations with IDESG members, please send them to maryalice@IDecosystem.org, and we will include links to them in the April newsletter.


In The Media

LinkedIn Update

As part of our recent communications initiatives, we have established a new IDESG company LinkedIn page. Our previous LinkedIn page was a "group" forum, which only allowed members of the group to post within the group. The new page allows members to share information with their networks - helping to extend IDESG's reach in our professional community.