~ February 2015 ~

Monthly Digest

Marc-Anthony Signorino named Executive Director – The board of directors unanimously voted to appoint Marc-Anthony Signorino as executive director of IDESG. The decision was announced during the 12th plenary.

IDESG gets new look and feel – During the in-person plenary, members were presented with two options for a new logo. An overwhelming majority chose the “evolve” concept and it has since been added to IDESG’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Chairperson’s Corner

By Kimberly Little Sutherland, Plenary Chair

Thank you to all who made it to the plenary in Atlanta despite the challenging weather and those who attended virtually. The meeting was a great way for us all to come together and see just how much progress has been made. Our organization is truly unique. Deriving from the plenary theme of “Building toward Success,” I think of how each of the committees and their contributions serve as building blocks. As we continually work and complete pieces of our mission, we start to connect, strengthen and build up toward operationalizing our strategic plan and creating a solid framework. Please save the date for our next Virtual Plenary on April 16th. More details and the agenda will be shared on the IDESG website.

Member of the Month:

Cathy Tilton, Standards Committee Chair

As the outgoing Standards Committee chair, Cathy Tilton fostered the Standards Adoption Policy and process, including the first standards piece during the 11th and 12th Plenary sessions.


With over 20 years of experience working in biometrics, Cathy Tilton brings a wealth of knowledge to the IDESG. Her innovative approach, technical insight and focus on functionality and user experience helps the IDESG keep end-use considerations throughout the building process.


Cathy has a degree in industrial engineering and was in the Army where she completed jump school.


When she’s not working or volunteering for IDESG, Cathy spends time with her family including five grandchildren and is involved in her church. It is these, and many other accomplishments that make Cathy the IDESG Member of the Month. Look for Cathy’s blog post coming soon.

Plenary Playback

Over 100 people attended the 12th Plenary in person at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Kicking off the 12th plenary session, Jeremy Grant, Senior Executive Advisor for Identity Management at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, discussed the vision and approaching activities for IDESG, including announcing another round of NSTIC pilots and that the first standard was inducted into the registry. Grant also outlined a vision for operations and management before introducing Peter F. Brown, IDESG President, to the stage.


“I think it’s healthy to take stock of yourself and the organization,” Brown said. He continued, “We’ve moved from some key milestones: a strategic plan, the development of the functional model and the approval of the standards policy and register. The FMO and Executive Director are in the position to ensure the IDESG can surge through in the direction they’re supposed to.” He reviewed significant accomplishments to date and touched on goals, specifying that growth and development, particularly by diversifying the volunteer-base.


Highlighting the plenary meeting was the introduction of Marc-Anthony Signorino as new Executive Director. “My job here is to be a resource…to make sure we’re doing what we need to be.” He said, continuing, “I want to make sure that everyone is heard. I want to make sure that we’re getting good product out the door on time.”


A special feature of the event was the panel discussion surrounding media insights with industry leaders Anita Sharpe, Hank Klibanoff and Matt Kempner moderated by Management Council Consumer Advocate, Jim Barnett.


Video of the plenary is available on the IDESG YouTube site for viewing. Over the upcoming months, two more virtual plenary meetings will be held leading up to another in-person session at the end of the summer. Look for more information in next month’s newsletter.

From the FMO

Privacy Committee Produces Deliverables Ahead of Schedule

At the Atlanta plenary, IDESG's Privacy Committee was awarded the group's (extremely informal) traveling trophy for completing its early-2015 deliverables – a proposed set of baseline functional requirements for privacy-enhancing identity data transactions – in excellent shape and ahead of schedule.


Their work was received and reviewed in January, along with equivalent first drafts of proposed requirements for cybersecurity, standards interoperability and user experience. These materials will continue to be elaborated and harmonized into a first aggregate proposed "baseline" set – representing the things that parties in identity information exchanges will want to make sure they address, to assure safety, clarity, privacy and reliability. The summary material (in its interim form as of January), and IDESG's plans for it, can be seen via slideshare. IDESG expects to issue self-assessment tools for the community's broader use, based on a future iteration of this set, later in 2015.


IDESG Deliverables Dashboard is Up and Running

Work on IDESG's goals to create an open, vendor-neutral framework for widespread identity federation interoperability is progressing; specific milestones and the key deliverables are noted each month on the organization's Dashboard, maintained by our Framework Management Office and visible on FileDepot. IDESG always welcomes input into its existing and proposed projects.


White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection

On February 13, 2015 at Stanford University, the summit brought leaders together from across the United States to build partnerships and collaborate to explore the best ways to grow and strengthen cybersecurity information-sharing. At the event, President Obama stressed the importance of cybersecurity framework and of working through challenges together in a transparent and public fashion.


Various concepts tied to NCCoE, the cybersecurity framework, and NSTIC were addressed at the event. A panel of CEOs was led by Donna Dodson, Chief Cybersecurity Advisor at NIST, and focused on the topic: “Improving Authentication – Moving Beyond the Password.” Find details about the event here.

Media Highlights

In the day and age of the 24-hour news cycle, the media keeps its fingers on the pulse of important stories. Here are a few in which our members were featured:


IDESG gets new look and feel – Do you know someone in your network that should be a part of IDESG? We’re always looking to build a broader community! Invite them to become a member today.

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