IDESG Newsletter #3

3rd Plenary Agenda Announced

In Phoenix, we'll have a three-day event focused specifically on getting a workplan in place for the IDESG and its committees moving forward. Among other things, the agendaincludes:

  • Informational Session for Potential Applicants for NSTIC Grants (before start of meeting on Day 1)
  • Committee Breakout Meetings
  • Straw Man for Building the Identity Ecosystem
  • Table Discussions and Report-outs
  • Plenary Committee Charter Discussions and Approval
  • Plenary Discussion of Committee Workplans
  • Privacy Evaluation Methodology
  • Ombudsman Complaint Procedure (click link to review)
  • Use Case Development
  • Plenary Wide Work Plan Discussion
February 14 Deadline for Signing Membership Agreements
The Member Representative for each current IDESG member must sign and return a Membership Agreement by February 14, 2013 at 11:59:59 PST in order to continue as a member in good standing.


Current members will be eligible to participate in the upcoming meeting in Phoenix, and participate in any other interim business of the IDESG, however, current membership status will lapse on February 14 unless the Membership Agreement is received by the deadline.


To vote in the upcoming (March-April) elections of at-large officers and Management Council Delegates, you must sign the Membership Agreement by the February 14th deadline.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact


Message from Plenary Chair about Goals for Phoenix

Here's what we'll accomplish in Phoenix:

  1. After reviewing the prioritized requirements for the Identity Ecosystem we developed at the Washington Plenary, we'll kick off a conversation on how to meet those requirements; this will involve talking about the constituencies for each requirement and the things that stand in the way of satisfying each requirement.
  2. We'll also talk about what components (standards, policies, changes in law and other incentives, accreditation processes, and other things) will have to be part of the Identity Ecosystem Framework in order to meet the requirements which have been identified.
  3. We'll accelerate our evaluation of existing Ecosystem frameworks, solutions and practices and perform a gap analysis between what exists today and what NSTIC seeks to achieve.
  4. We'll present the charters for committees which have proposed charters, and we'll hear the Management Council's review comments on those charters.  We'll discuss each charter and determine whether there's a consensus for adopting each one - as well as consider whether charters need to be modified to ensure that they fully cover the scope of what is needed for the Identity Ecosystem
  5. Committees will meet and will define their initial deliverables that will support the Identity Ecosystem Framework, and establish preliminary work plans and schedules to support them.
  6. Each committee will select an editor (or editors) for each of its initial deliverables (so if you want to edit one of the IDESG's initial documents, you need to be at this meeting!)
Read the rest of Plenary Chair Bob Blakley's Message:
Trust Framework and Accreditation Committees Join Forces to become JTFAC
The TFWG and ACSC have joined forces to be more effective in fulfilling their objectives.  Present activity is focused on defining the roles or key players in an Id ecosystem and the functions within the system for which they might be responsible, with the intention of then creating some Value Propositions for those roles.  Subsequently the JTFAC (Joint Trust Framework and Accreditation & Certification work group - will then focus on identifying the essential Trust Framework structural elements andaccreditation and certification measures which might underpin assurance for given functionalities. 


It is the intent of the JTFAC to continue to meet jointly until the time, as determined by JTFAC consensus, that their respective agendas represent enough distinction to return to separate meeting formats. For further information, details and "how-to-join" visit -


Privacy Committee to Announce New Vice-Chair

Since the last update, we have had a change in the nominations for officers of the Privacy Committee. We have had an open call for nominations since the last meeting in December, and in our first committee meeting of the New Year, we made the following changes to the slate of candidates for the Vice-Chair position:

  • Jay Stanley, ACLU, nominated by Aaron Titus
  • Ann Racuya-Robbins, World Knowledge Bank, self-nominated

The results of the election will be announced during the next Privacy Committee Meeting (Jan. 23). The newly elected Vice-Chair will officially assume the position when we convene in Phoenix.


The committee is working to complete the first draft of the Privacy Evaluation Methodology (PEM). Following the anticipated ratification of PEM v1.0 by the Privacy Committee, the document will be released to the IDESG membership in time for the next Plenary.


The committee is planning  a breakout session to discuss the methodology, solicit feedback, and answer any questions.   

Financial Committee Update

The Financial Committee is currently working on: 

  • Value Proposition Whitepaper
  • Use Cases

The Financial Committee is willing to work on Risk if no other group is working on it. 


NymRights Committee Forming

The NymRights Commitee has created a draft charter, and is in the process of building a community of active members.   The Committee will also be focusing on establishing a lexicon of terminology around nyms and nym rights so that we can have a common language to communicate with other IDESG committees on future projects. Our first project is to develop a model "names policy" which, while intended for adoption within NSTIC, can have broader applications for many communities. Work has begun to build our community and document our work at


If you are interested in participating please visit the website or contact Aestetix at


Seeking Images and Pictures of Identity and Ecosystems

Do you have an image explaining some aspect of Identity Management?  Do you have a picture of how your piece of the Identity Ecosystem works? We would like you to share it with us at the Holistic Picture Subcommittee of the Management Council. They can be current, historical or futuristic. We are interested in all of them.  The goal is to collect a whole range of images that help communicate in ways that go beyond prose, technical descriptions and contracts.  


Please send images to the head of the Subcommittee Kaliya "Identity Woman" Hamlin