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Identity Revolution

Join the Identity Revolution

The Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) represents the first shot of the Identity Revolution. The lack of trusted digital identity credentials have cost businesses, governments and consumers billions of dollars due to stolen identities, hacked databases and misused personal data. That changes now with the IDEF.

Inside the IDEF

Never before have industry, educational institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations and consumers come together to create a trusted identity framework to protect their online identity transactions. Working alongside one another in the IDESG, their efforts serve as the foundation for the Identity Ecosystem.

Learn more about the IDEF and how it will shape the future of digital identity.

Declare Your Independence from Untrustworthy Digital Identities

The first version of the IDEF has been adopted, but there is much more work to be done. Join us at the Identity Revolution and shape the future of trusted digital identity, or be shaped by it. To learn how you can get involved, contact Marc-Anthony Signorino at