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IDESG Nominations and Elections

IDESG Nominations and Elections

The IDESG seeks nominations for our forthcoming elections for seven positions and nominations are open until 10 March 2017.

Plenary Chair and Plenary Vice Chair

These positions are described in the current IDESG Bylaws starting on page 12. and are open to all members of the IDESG. These positions are for one year.

Stakeholder Representative and Members of the Boards of Directors

These positions are described in section 4.02 A and other sections of the IDESG Bylaws. The call for nominations is for the following four categories and the Unaffiliated slot:

  • Consumer Advocates
  • Research & Development, Education and Innovation
  • U.S. State, Local, Territorial, and Tribal Government


  • Unaffiliated Delegate

These positions are open to IDESG members of these stakeholder categories with the exception of the unaffiliated category which is open to all IDESG members. These positions are for three years.

Nominations can be made by members of the appropriate categories and self nominations and must be accepted.

Nominations should be sent to